An entire people that pays extortion racket is a people without dignity

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Anti-mafia, the rebellion of the whole community

Since 2004, Addiopizzo has been operating in Palermo and Sicily to promote a cultural revolution against the mafias.

Addiopizzo’s core values are individual and collective responsibility, participation, freedom, youth leadership, solidarity and social justice.


Addiopizzo’s action strategy is based on three main areas of intervention:

Critical consumption

Critical consumption is our main strategy for fighting the Mafia.

It is the collective practice of citizens and consumers to purchase in shops and businesses that said NO to pizzo (Mafia’s extortion racket / protection money).

Victim assistance

We offer free assistance to victims of extortion and usury. We accompany them in the path of liberation from the Mafia and provide them free legal, psychological and corporate support. We help them before, during and after the trial, outside and inside the courtroom.

Social inclusion

Over the years, Addiopizzo has expanded its range of action, always with the aim of putting a barrier to the material and mental control of Cosa Nostra in Sicily.
In particular, it runs social inclusion activities aimed at the prevention of discomfort and deliquency.


+39 327 9061172


This is active 24 hours a day and is a number dedicated to urgent cases: to report extortion attempts, usury, threats, damage, theft and other forms of intimidation. For more information, see the section “Victim assistance“.


Pago chi non paga” (=”I pay who does not pay”) is our anti-mafia ethocal consumerism campaign. More… >

Mafia-free businesses



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commercianti bengalesi

The trial “Maqueda” in Palermo: the Supreme Court confirms an unprecedented sentence

The trial started after the report of 11 shopkeepers from Banglasesh, supported by Addiopizzo.

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